How to Calculate Inventory Within a 3-Statement Financial Model

Inventory is complicated and figuring out the right formulas to use so the three statement model balances can be difficult even if you understand the Accounting entries. This will show the proper financial forecasting of all the items that effect inventory over time. This template was designed to let the user see deeper into the inventory portion of financial statements.

Lending Business Financial Model: 10 Year with Scalable Loan Counts

If you are looking to start a lending business or want to participate as a lender on a p2p lending platform (like Lending Club), this model will help the user figure out capital requirements over time (10 year period) as well as every financial aspect when scaling out up to three loan types to any loan count.

DCF Analysis with Robust Sensitivity Tables

 A discounted cash flow analysis will help determine if the future cash flows are worth the risk of investment based on applying various required rates of return (discount rates) to the future cash flows. It is a widely accepted and used concept in valuation. This Excel template was built to show various NPV against up to 6 discount rate inputs.