Financial Model to Help Decide to Pay Off All Debt or Invest That Money Instead

This is something individuals and businesses alike often think about when deciding what is the most financially sound thing to do. Anybody that has ever had a loan has come across this decision to some degree. You will see the logic can get complex when actually trying to build something that shows an accurate apples to apples comparison.

Loan Payback Optimizer: Excel Model - How Extra Principal Payments Can Save Money

If you are trying to solve for the savings of paying extra principal on loans over time, this will help. Here you have a financial model that quantifies the effect of adding an extra amount of cash to your regular debt service payments of standard principal and interest loans.

An Income Generating Retirement Plan - Excel Financial Model

This tool is very simple to use. If you were trying to do the math for figuring out if your investments were going to generate enough annual income for you to live off of, you may find that this tool will help you in retirement planning. The type of investments this is geared for are those that produce income each year. There is logic to adjust for inflation as well.

Inventory Forecasting Template: Up to 72 Months

Inventory management and financial modeling present complex challenges, especially when building logical frameworks. This tool, designed primarily as a cash management planner, empowers you to accurately determine the cash required to align with your sales forecasts. Furthermore, it provides a clear view of the available reserve or buffer for each SKU over time.