Investing in Land - Pros and Cons

Investing in land, commonly referred to as "dirt" in real estate parlance, can be a lucrative venture, but like all investments, it carries both advantages and risks. Below is an analysis of the pros and cons, along with common strategies employed to profit from land investments.

Solar Panel Installation Business: 10 Year Financial Model Template

I recently developed a bespoke model for a client, adding another valuable template to the renewable energy sector offerings. This business model and deployment strategy might surprise you, as it operates differently than traditional approaches. Here, the primary revenue stream comes from energy sales measured in kWh, rather than installation fees. I'll provide a detailed explanation of the entire model below. I've recently discovered this type of business could be considered 'Solar-as-a-Service'.

Explanation of Each Startup Fundraising Round and Expectations per Round

 Fundraising rounds for a startup typically follow a sequence, each catering to different stages of the company's development. Here are the primary fundraising rounds:

Financial Model Template Update: Line of Credit Added to Made-to-Order Manufacturing Model

I have had quite a bit of interest in the made-to-order financial model over the last year and with that has come a few modifications that have made sense to use on the master version of this template. Let's dive in!

Template: Made-to-Order Manufacturing Financial Model


  • Added a line of credit facility. This makes it easy for the user to go in and manually define any loan draws over time on a monthly schedule. There is also a manual input for loan repayment and interest will auto calculate based on the balance each month, if there is a balance. The balance sheet, cash flow statement, income statement, and all relevant summaries have been updated with this assumption. Ratios impacted include the debt-service-coverage ratio. This is a great tool to help manage cash flow and the cost of borrowing over time. I've also displayed helper columns that show the operational cash flow and value of accounts receivable and inventory over time.
  • I also added a brand new alternative version of the MTO manufacturing model that also has the line of credit module. However, it is also updated with an input to automatically account for inflation of prices and expenses. (half of the fixed expenses in each cost section are manual and half you just enter the first year cost and the following years will follow the % increase input. Each row is configured independently.
  • Also, on the alternative version I made the fixed expenses tab all be annual figures instead of monthly. You can adjust what that cost is yearly, but the amount you enter is now the expected annual amount instead of the expected monthly amount.

Adding IRR Sensitivity Tables to 3 Real Estate Models

IRR sensitivity tables are invaluable in real estate models because they provide a clear, quantitative assessment of how changes in key assumptions, such as rental growth rates, cap rates, and construction costs, impact the internal rate of return (IRR). By systematically varying these inputs and observing the resulting IRR, investors and analysts can gauge the potential risks and rewards associated with different scenarios, enhancing their decision-making process. This helps in identifying the most critical variables that affect project viability, thus enabling more informed investment strategies and risk management. Ultimately, these tables support a thorough understanding of the sensitivity of returns to various market conditions and operational changes, ensuring that investors can make well-informed decisions based on a range of possible outcomes.

Real Estate Syndication Fees

 Real estate syndication fees are charges incurred during the process of pooling capital from multiple investors to invest in a real estate project. These fees compensate the syndicator (the party managing the investment i.e. the GP) for their work and can significantly impact the returns to investors. Here's a breakdown of common syndication fees and how they typically flow into a preferred return waterfall:

Owning a Business Can Hedge Against Inflation

Owning businesses can be a highly effective long-term strategy for several reasons, including its potential to combat the effects of inflation:

Financial Model Template Update: Adding Option to Accrue or Not Accrue Interest on Wind Farm and Biogas Models

I recently built the hydropower construction financial model and in it the construction loan needed an option to have the interest paid during the interest-only (i/o) period or accrue and compound. For the past week I've been debating on adding that functionality update to the wind farm and biogas models as they both have interest-only loan options, but if that is chosen, the interest automatically accrued and compounded until the REFI / conversion month. Now, they also have the additional feature to pay interest during i/o period or accrue and compound.

Why Excel is the Best Tool for Financial Planning and Analysis

Excel has long been a cornerstone tool for financial planning and analysis (FP&A) due to several key attributes that make it a powerful and versatile solution:

Financial Model Template for a Dam (Hydropower) - Renewable Energy Infrastructure

I am enthusiastic about embarking on the development of my fourth financial model within the renewable energy sector, specifically focusing on hydropower. This business model leverages the natural flow of water and gravitational forces to generate electrical energy, offering a sustainable and long-term energy solution.

Hydropower projects are capital-intensive, requiring significant initial investment. However, they promise substantial returns as they provide communities with a reliable source of clean energy for up to fifty years. My experience in financial modeling and planning for infrastructure projects ensures that this model will be meticulously designed to capture the complexities and potential of such a transformative endeavor.

Major Events That Shaped Financial Reporting and Accounting Standards

Below are some things that have shaped a big part of the industry I work in. 

If you want to support me and my continuous building of new bottom-up dynamic 3-statement models, check out these financial model templates that help anyone create robust projections across 100s of different industries.

Strategies to Keep an Auto Repair Chain Running During Slow Times and Location Scaling

 Maintaining the profitability and operational efficiency of an auto repair chain during slow times and managing location scaling requires strategic planning and implementation. Here are some strategies for both scenarios: