Franchisor / Licensing Operator: 10-Year Financial Model

This template is designed for a franchisor or licensor to plan out the on-boarding of franchisees or licensees over time. It goes for up to a period of 10 years and has robust revenue scaling and expense assumptions to fit as many scenarios as possible for this kind of endeavor. Additionally, a fully integrated 3-statement model is included.

Financial Visualizations for any Pitch Deck

 If you are putting together financial projections that need to go into a pitch deck, they need to look professional. This means consistent formatting, easily readable fonts, very clear number display, and consistent coloring that is not distracting. Your only goal is to allow potential investors to easily view what you think your financials will look like over time in a digestible presentation.

Mortgage Savings Calculator: Extra Payment Simulation

 This is an awesome tool that can be used by anybody that has a mortgage and wants to see how much they can save in interest by paying extra on the principal over time. You can setup any kind of extra repayment scheme that fits your personal budget and the model can handle it elegantly.