Budget Vs. Actual Excel Template (monthly)

I have seen a lot of messy budget vs. actual excel sheets. So, I decided to build a nice model that does this kind of comparison tracking over time in the cleanest way possible. You will be able to compare all/any business lines that you wish no matter if it is revenue/expenses/what have you.
Updated Version: Cash Flow Variance

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So the idea here is having a robust way to see how your actual numbers are doing against the projections you have set forth. What you get with this template:
  • *Formatting, instructions, and more user friendly features have been implemented.
  • Shows how each line item in your business varies from projections on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly tracking (can be adjusted for quarterly/annual also).
  • Track multiple kinds of revenue streams, COGS, gross profit, expenses, net income.
  • Shows a visualization of how each of the major line items vary over time. This can be adjusted to track any one or number of lines/specific metrics that you want to see.
  • Includes an input tab that can be used for your revenue/expense tracking.
  • Color coded on the variance tab based on if the variance is good or bad.
Original Version

Based on everything I have seen, this is the best way to systematically and accurately see if you are keeping on pace with your projections, out-pacing them, or under-performing.

Why is it good to track your business success? Well, it let's you know where things need work as well as where you are strong. Some would say it is a good idea to make your weaknesses your strengths. Without tracking how you are doing on a monthly basis per various areas of your business activity, you won't have any idea of where to start.