Real-Time Template Cash Flow Excel

Excel is versatile for creating cash flow templates, from daily to annual tracking. Whether it's monitoring daily actuals, projecting weekly or monthly paces, computing after-tax cash flow, or automating bill payments and invoice collections, there's a style for everyone.

$45.00 USD

After purchase, the template will be immediately available to download. This is also included in the Accounting spreadsheets bundle as well as the construction spreadsheets bundle.

cash flow management

For businesses operating on lean cash reserves, managing cash flow is crucial, and Excel proves invaluable. Even with abundant capital, tracking cash flow aids in planning for significant expenditures and growth. I've previously designed 12-month and 36-month budget templates encompassing cash flow variances and more. However, that is not for real-time management and only has monthly granularity.

However, this particular template focuses on real-time and future cash balances based on actual invoices and bank statements. It provides a daily expected cash flow for up to 365 days ahead. I created it for my personal use, believing others would find it beneficial too.

Key Feature and Benefit of This Template

The idea is that you can come into the template at any time, update the current cash balance, and then update outstanding invoices and the dates of those invoices in order to see expected cash balance.

How to Use Template

  1. Enter starting bank balance in input cell
  2. Enter current date
  3. Enter upcoming invoices (receivables and payables) in the 'invoices' tab (expected date clearing bank, invoiceID, description, amount)
  4. Analyze the cash flow that is automatically projected
  5. Visual 90-day cash flow chart automatically updates
  6. Update and use daily or weekly or whenever you want to run a new analysis of cash flow
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