Professional Services Firm / Agency: Startup 5-Year Financial Model

I have some new revenue logic that fits perfectly with this kind of a professional services business model. Think about any organization that has professionals working for it and bills out time to clients at some hourly or daily rate. CPA and law firms are a perfect example, but also talent / creative art / photography agencies and general 'Request for Proposal' or RFP businesses fit perfectly. This also applies to a consulting firm of nearly any kind.

Starting a Franchise - Financial Modeling - Scaling Into 12 Locations

This model is hyper-focused on giving the prospective franchise owner the ability to plan out the cash flow needs of scaling or ramping into 12 locations. On a granular level, you will be able to plan the month each franchise agreement is signed, the month development starts, and the month revenue starts.

The Ultimate To-Do List Tracking Tool - Google Sheets

You know when you have to do regular recurring maintenance and you just can't remember the last time it was done? Well, that problem will be wiped out with this universal to-do list tracking tool that was built in Google Sheets.

Preferred Equity Model - Up to 10 Years - Includes Common Equity Waterfall

In the last series of preferred return templates, I said I was going to do a preferred equity version. Well, I have done so and this is it. Also included is an optional common equity waterfall that sits below the preferred hurdle. I think the logic here is super cool as well as useful. It lets the user look at possible cash flows given various project funding structures.

Preferred Return Model in Excel - Up to 10 Years

This joint venture cash flow waterfall template shows the resulting distributions of an investor and sponsor based upon an investor preferred return. All the user has to input in is the project contributions (equity requirements) and distributions per year and everything flows from that.

Multi-family Real Estate Acquisition Excel Model - Includes IRR Hurdles and Refinance Options

I have done quite a few real estate models over the years. This forecasting template was made for quick underwriting analysis. The main output is an annual pro forma, cash flow waterfall with IRR hurdles (optional) and logic to account for a dynamic refinance liquidity event. All of these things affect the cash flow that is available and how it is split as well as the overall return on investment of the project.

Economics of a Zoo / Aquarium / Amusement Park: Startup Financial Model

Yes, most Zoos and Aquariums run as non-profits, but that doesn't mean they don't need financial planning. It is just that they don't distribute profits nor are supposed to have profits. They simply have cash in and out and all extra cash is supposed to be re-invested by the operator. Often times, a Zoo will be run by the government rather than private industry, but it depends on where you are in the world. This excel model allows the user to do the planning of startup costs and on-going operations really well.

SaaS Model - Ratio Driven Growth - For Startups

I have done quite a few SaaS financial models and quite a few more customizations therein. One of the main build-ups I had not done is one based on the ratio between different employee types combined with quota attainment of account executives. The below template offers this modelling style.

Depreciation Expense Tracker (up to 95 Fixed Assets at Once)

This was designed to be an easy tool to figure out what your monthly/annual depreciation expense is going to be over time.

Robust 3-Statement Financial Model: For Startups

This fully functional and inter-connected Excel template has 3 financial statements functioning on it. Typically called a 3-statement financial model, it is commonly requested for startups by investors/creditors. I had to really dig deep into my old accounting knowledge and do quite a bit of research to get this model right. The purpose was to build something that fits 90% of cases. 

Security System / Alarm Services Startup Financial Model - Includes Expansion MRR and Negative Churn

Security systems / alarm services businesses fall into the product + service systems business category. This financial model was built specifically for security and alarm services businesses. It is very similar to a regular SaaS business where you have monthly recurring revenue for subscribers, except you will also make margins on installation of hardware.

When and How Much Inventory to Reorder: Excel Template

This is a useful Excel template to manage inventory reordering based on a few variable inputs per SKU. The logic in this model will display useful metrics to help you stay on top of inventory levels. A Google Sheet version is also provided. Staying on top of your inventory can improve the cash conversion cycle.

KPI Scorecard 12-Month Tracker

Enjoy this useful KPI scorecard template built in Excel. There are many approaches one can take to gauge the overall health of their organization or business. Often the best way is with a KPI dashboard that has a 12-month view and an annual total.

Product + Service: 5-Year Financial Model

This is one of the more important Excel spreadsheets I have been looking to build for a while now and I am really happy with the way it turned out. Product + Service, just means you sell a product (such as an elliptical machine or some tangible product for a one time fee) and you attach a paid subscription service add-on to it. There are many examples, such as adding fitness trainers that come on the screen of your elliptical or a security monitoring system.

Google Sheets Database Reporting: Multiple Criteria

There are severe limitations to the Google Sheet filter formula. For example, if you have a database composed of many columns it will be difficult to filter with multiple criteria and logic.

Template for Marketing Spend Return on Investment - Recurring Revenue

When I first thought about the difficulties of this calculation, I realized it is probably something nearly any recurring revenue business model struggles to figure out accurately. The problem is figuring out the ROI (return on investment) of the money you spend in a given month on sales/marketing as it relates to the future revenue directly related to that spend.

Weekly Employee Scheduling Template

This is a simple template that anyone can use to manage employee schedules. It is based on a weekly time-frame and has a lot of smart summaries to check the schedule that you have submitted.

10-Year Financial Model for ATM Machine Business Startup

I have been looking for a new and different type of financial model to build over the last few months and I came across the ATM industry. There are some barriers to entry, such as regulations involving AML, data privacy, and accessibility for disabled individuals. Usually, you can get set up with an ATM processing company to protect you and they will take a fee per transaction. It also helps to have good relationships with vendors / merchants where you are plan to deploy the machines.