The Ultimate To-Do List Tracking Tool - Google Sheets

You know when you have to do regular recurring maintenance and you just can't remember the last time it was done? Well, that problem will be wiped out with this universal to-do list tracking tool that was built in google sheets.

Note, you will be sent the google sheet link upon purchase via your PayPal/purchasing e-mail. When you open up the link, go to File > Make a Copy. As long as you have a free google account, you will be able to use this. This is included in the Google Sheets template bundle.

I built this tool in google sheets since anyone can use it if they have a gmail account, which is free. It is super simple and brain dead easy to grasp right from the start. This will handle lists of as little as a few things or as many as 500+.

All the formulas and conditional formatting are dynamic and will auto-update as you move through time.

Essentially, here is the logic (inputs and outputs).

Things you will enter (one time):
  1. Description of the task.
  2. If you are tracking it by days or months.
  3. The frequency (days/months) that you need to do/check the item.
  4. Every time you do the task, you will double click the date column and pick the date you performed the item on the list.
Resulting Outputs:
  1. The next check date or the next day that you need to do an action related to the task.
  2. The amount of days until you need to perform the given task.
I also made some dynamic filters so you can enter 'x' amount of days and this will list all the items on the to-do list that must be done within that amount of days or less. Also, I made a filter for the data that sorts it automatically by the amount of days until the item must be done. (nearest to furthest away).

Finally, I made a visual that shows a 3D bar graph of the list of items that need to be done against the amount of days until it must be done. This always pulls from the sorted data so it will go from nearest to furthest and automatically includes any new items.

Screenshots of Template:
organizer in google sheets

tracking recurring to do list items in google sheets

sorting to do list g sheets

to do list 3D bar chart in google sheets

configuration of to do list tracker assumptions