Salesmen Quarterly Bonus Template and Calculations

This Excel Template enables owners/managers to develop a methodology that they want to use in order to incentivize their salesmen with a bonus based on hitting quarterly sales numbers. It allows for the user to put in all assumptions related to the sales/revenue generated by the salesmen, what sales hurdles they have to beat to get a certain bonus, and all the costs related to their activity/maintaining their accounts.

Data Analysis with Least Squares Regression Line

This is one of the primary ways that you can analyze raw data correlation and by using the least squares model, it makes the data much cleaner and allows the user to plug in their own range of inputs in order to see what the output set looks like based on the raw input/output (x/y) values of your raw information.

Accounts Receivable and Payable Excel Template

This accounting template enables users to track money owed and due as well as how overdue invoices are, i.e., aging buckets. Though simple to use, there are a lot of summaries and reports this tool can produce.

Risk Assessment Excel Template

This risk assessment template was built using Microsoft Excel. It provides a good way for managers/executives to accurately quantify opportunities and risks.