Calculating the Profitability of Airbnb Homes

 The price for an Airbnb home can vary widely depending on various factors such as location, size, amenities, and demand. This is your most important starting point when reaching profitable and sustainable operations. You can have a great home for a bad price and a not-so-nice home for a great price. You have to think about all aspects of the deal. Lets take a look at all the considerations for how to calculate profitability of Airbnb homes.

Lending Activity, Inflation, and the Fed

 Lending can have an impact on inflation, although it is important to note that its influence is not direct and can vary depending on the overall economic conditions. 

Why FIFO Accounting Methodology is So Hard to Automate with Excel and Google Sheets

 Note, it took me a few years of attempts, but I was able to build a FIFO cost of goods sold calculator in Excel and Google Sheets. It was not easy and I'm going to explain why spreadsheet software's have such a hard time with this calculation.

What Makes or Breaks a Manufacturing Business?

 The most important thing that can make or break a manufacturing business is its ability to consistently deliver high-quality products to customers on time. The longer it takes to deliver products, the less satisfied customers are and the less they are likely to purchase in the future. Also, if the products are not made with consistent quality, customers will leave and distributors will stop selling what you are manufacturing.

Types of Businesses that Utilize Volume Discount Pricing

A service-based business (auto repair), a luxury brand, the hospitality industry, and the vending machine business all would not care about volume pricing. So, what businesses do care about this and implement strategies to maximize profits by optimizing pricing to incentive bulk purchases?

Maximizing Laundromat Profitability

 One of my favorite financial forecasting models that I've built was for a laundromat. It does a great job at letting the user plug in virtually any potential startup or acquisition scenario and see what the resulting cash flows look like over time as well as the return on investment. That template is really good at planning, but what is also important is strategies and tricks to maximize profits. That is what the focus is here today.

Sales Tracker: 12 Month Budget vs Actual

 I don't do these that often, but here is a free template that was built in Google Sheets. It is not very complex, but I do believe it is effective and really simple to use.

Why Would Anyone Want to Run a Hotel?

 Running a hotel can be an exciting and dynamic venture that offers a range of interesting aspects. If you have a passion for making people comfortable and happy, it might be a good industry to dive into as an investor or general partner that is more involved in decisions.

20+ Price, Volume, Productivity Sensitivity Tables - Excel Template

 This is a sensitivity analysis model for any manufacturing business or high volume seller of goods. It sensitizes a wide range of variables in three different base models. There are a total of 21 data tables included in the template. The 'What-if Analysis' feature under the 'Data' ribbon in Excel was utilized to build each table.

SLAs and Your SaaS Business

 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a type of business model that really took off in the last 10 years. More and more companies are finding that they can offer subscriptions to services that they provide instead of offering one-time fee services. The nature of software makes it a really good candidate for recurring revenue subscriptions, however there is one thing you've got to get right and that is the SLA or Service Level Agreement. It is more of a point of emphasis with B2B SaaS, but can also apply at some level to B2C.