3 Tiered Preferred Equity Template - Simple

This is a 'soft' preferred equity waterfall for any kind of joint venture (real estate or otherwise). That means the user has the option to share cash between the limited partner (investor) and general partner (owner/operator) while the LP has their equity paid back. There are 3 tiers and in each tier the cash is split differently.

Get Into the 3D Printing Retail Business - Financial Model

I was browsing some of the fastest growing industries and the most interesting thing I could find was 3D printing. There are a few main business models that have come up around this. I will be doing models for a few more in the future. For this one, it is: purchasing 3D printers and building things with them that you sell.

Job Costing Tracker - Filters and Visuals

Track the amount of hours and total $ billed for various jobs that your company has done. The database style entry allows for clean reporting and the creation of nice visuals as well as all kinds of options for reporting.

Excel Tool for FIFO Based Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Calculation

If you are looking to save some time on figuring out what your cost of goods sold value is, this excel template is going to be of assistance.

Professional Services Firm / Agency: Startup 5-Year Financial Model

I have some new revenue logic that fits perfectly with this kind of a professional services business model. Think about any organization that has professionals working for it and bills out time to clients at some hourly rate. CPA and Law firms are a perfect example, but also marketing firms fit neatly. This also applies to a consulting firm of nearly any kind.

Starting a Franchise - Financial Modeling - Scaling Into 12 Locations

This model is hyper-focused on giving the prospective franchise owner the ability to plan out the cash flow needs of scaling into 12 locations. On a granular level, you will be able to plan the month each franchise agreement is signed, the month development starts, and the month revenue starts.

The Ultimate To-Do List Tracking Tool - Google Sheets

You know when you have to do regular recurring maintenance and you just can't remember the last time it was done? Well, that problem will be wiped out with this universal to-do list tracking tool that was built in google sheets.

Preferred Equity Model - Up to 10 Years - Includes Common Equity Waterfall

In the last series of preferred return templates, I said I was going to do a preferred equity version. Well, I have done so and this is it. There is common equity that sits below the preferred. I think the logic here is super cool as well as useful. It lets the user look at possible cash flows given various project funding structures.

Preferred Return Model in Excel - Up to 10 Years

This waterfall model shows the resulting cash flows of an investor and sponsor based upon a preferred return existing for the investor. All the user has to input is the project contributions (equity requirements) and distributions per year and everything flows from that.

Multi-Family Real Estate Acquisition Excel Model - Includes IRR Hurdles and Refinance Options

I have done quite a few real estate models over the years. One of the setups I have never fully built out was an annual-based model that allowed for IRR hurdles (meaning you are doing a joint venture between investors and sponsors) and the complex logic of a dynamic refinance liquidity event. All of these things affect the cash flow that is available to split and how it is split.