Template Discounts

 There are a few ways you can get discounts on templates:

1. General Volume Discounts (you will see the discounted price in your cart):

  • 3 to 9 Templates = 30% Discount
  • 10 to 19 Templates = 40% Discount
  • 20 or More Templates = 50% Discount

2. Pre-built Bundles. I provide pre-built bundles that are priced with extensive discounts already applied. These main category pages are at the top of the site, like 'Real Estate' , 'SaaS', 'Joint Venture', 'Accounting', and all the primary template bundles I have put together. Note, when you buy one of these bundles, it includes access to all future templates that are ever added to a given bundle. If you add three or more template bundles to the cart at once, the total price will be further discounted by 30%.

3. The Super Smart Bundle. You can access this discount when buying all the templates I've ever built for the public. Get these financial models here for $999.

4. Billable Hour Promotion. If you pay for 1 hour of billable work here, you can get 1 template at no charge (scales up for as many credit hours as you buy). Just email me which one(s) you want: jason@smarthelping.com

If you want to save even more on bulk orders, you can look at the preconfigured financial model template bundles here.