Template Discounts

 There are a few ways you can get discounts on templates:

1. General Volume Discounts (you will see the discounted price in your cart):

  • 3 to 9 Templates = 30% Discount
  • 10 to 19 Templates = 40% Discount
  • 20 or More Templates = 50% Discount
You can include a 'pre-built bundle' in your total item count.

2. Pre-built Bundles. I provide pre-built bundles that are priced with a 40%+ discount already applied. It would be all the main category pages you see at the top of the site, like 'Real Estate' , 'SaaS', 'Joint Venture', 'Accounting', and all the primary template bundles I have put together. Note, when you buy one of these bundles, it includes access to all future templates that are ever added to a given bundle. Just ask me for a refresh whenever you want and I'll send over the latest.

3. Over a 50% discount. You can get this when buying all the templates I've ever built on the entire website. The price is already reflected and you can make this purchase at the top of the 'financial models' tab for $2,499. It includes access to all templates I've built and will ever build in the future. Whenever you want a refresh, just email me for it.