Spreadsheets and Models for Construction Companies

As a general contractor or owner of a construction business, this specially curated bundle of templates is tailored just for you. From my extensive collection of spreadsheets, these are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of the construction industry. This bundle includes essential tools for effective cash flow management, streamlined creation of pro forma templates, and efficient project management, ensuring you have everything you need for the seamless operation of your business.

construction business
$169.00 USD
(Construction Business Template Bundle)

Templates Included:
  • Construction Business Financial Model - Key for forecasting the startup operations and cash flow of a construction company. This has dynamic inputs for the general terms you set for customers and vendors as well as laborers.
  • Gross Profit Job Success Tracker - This is a KPI dashboard that will tell you how your estimates compare to your actuals for each job on average. The focus is on gross profit variance on historical jobs.
  • Condo Development Financial Model - This is a tool to analyze new housing development projects and comes with build-to-rent and build-to-sell versions. Test various cost and sales / renting scenarios.
  • Job Bidding - I built a granular costing tool that lets the user input data bout various labor, wages, other direct costs, and fees in order to come up with a relevant bid. The bid is driven off a defined target gross profit. There are up to 7 worker types that can be configured and over 100 slots for other direct costs.
  • Project Management - This is a visual where you can enter start/end date of projects and if they have hit a milestone or not. A colored in row of boxes will automatically shade in that shows when each project is happening over time.
  • Advanced Crew Scheduling (Gannt) - Here we have a more advanced version of the above project management template. This one has a few different templates included. One is a simple timeline view that has different colors for different crews. An advanced version has man hours allocation by period, and a final version included monetary value of each project over time.
  • Real Time Cash Flow Management - A construction business survives on cash flow and the timing of that. This tool lets you enter an initial bank balance and future invoices with the timing of when they hit the bank. Those inputs create an expected daily cash balance over 365 days. You can update this daily / weekly / or whenever you need to run the analysis.
  • Expense Tracker - A simple tool to track your monthly expenses against a defined budget. For a general contractor, this is great for monitoring single project costs. You can easily create a new version for each new project.
  • Pareto Analysis - Help your decision-making process with this prioritization tool (80/20 rule). It is based on the principle that 80% of effects come from 20% of the causes. You could use it to see what is the major causes of key issues, project delay sources, quality control issues, finding biggest cost-drivers, analyzing safety issues, and all sorts of things. The point is that in general, you often see that a small set of causes contribute to most of the effects you see in a system.
Get my entire collection of financial model templates. That bundle allows you to download 100s of spreadsheet tools.