KPI Dashboards and Sales Pipeline Trackers

Here are some great tools for customer pipeline management. These Google Sheet and Excel spreadsheets were built to help any organization better keep track of where their customers are at in the pipeline and how much value is at each stage. 

sales pipeline dashboards
$99.00 USD
(license to ALL templates below)

Individual Template Prices Range From $45 - $45

The usability spans across many industries, from car salespersons to real estate agencies and any organization where customers move through stages of on-boarding.

Purchasing on a mobile device? No problem. You will receive an email with a download link for the purchased files that you can access on any spreadsheet friendly device later (desktop / laptop).

Billable Hour Promotion: If you pay for 1 hour of billable work here, you can get 1 $45 template at no charge (scales up for as many credit hours as you buy). Just email me which one(s) you want:

Check out all financial model templates in one bundle here. There are also great discounts when buying by category.