Sales and Customer Pipeline Management Spreadsheets

 Here are some great tools for customer pipeline management. These Google Sheet and Excel spreadsheets were built to help any organization better keep track of where their customers are at in the pipeline and how much value is at each stage. 

$149.00 USD - Sales / Customer Pipeline Spreadsheets Bundle
(lifetime access to all sales pipeline/CRM templates I ever build)

All templates will be available to download/access immediately after purchase.
  • Stage-based pipeline management in Google Sheets - Excel Version added - ($45) - This is a general CRM tool to enter new customers into and update their status as they move through the sales pipeline. Visuals and calculations will automatically update based on changing the customer status column. Also, there is a tab that will automatically display the customers in each stage and they auto-update when the status changes.
  • Sales pipeline with funnel and gauge visuals in Excel ($45) - This Excel spreadsheet is somewhat similar to the above, except the user can see performance based on a funnel visualization as well as gauges for single data point performance tracking (win rate / average deal value / sales cycle length).
  • Annual sales target planner in Google Sheets ($75) - This Google Sheets tool was built so the user can see what their expected annual sales are likely to be based on the value of closed deals and future deals. That number is then compared to an annual sales goal and the user can go in and check how close the organization is to the target throughout the year. The official term is a 'sales gap planner'. Some really cool logic was built to load in and analyze existing contracts.
  • Revenue forecasting per existing customer contracts in Google Sheets ($75) - This Google Sheets tool is for enterprise customers that have some probability to renewal at some point in the future. Based on these probabilities, the tool will generate an expected 5 year revenue forecast. The user loads in contract terms, percentage chance to renew, total value of contract, and start month of contract and the model will do the rest.
  • Sales Pipeline Tracker in Excel ($45) - Here is the original pipeline management system I tried to build. It works with a macro for the input of customer data and then reports total contract value closed by product type and by salesmen over time. The total contract value closed by customer will also display. A the status types are: Pipeline New, Pipeline Lost, Contract Started, Contract Lost. A 'pipeline' data entry means it never made it to contract started. This sheet gives a nice layout for how you can track things and is fairly easy to expand to more salesmen, product types, and customers by extending formulas.
  • Car Salesperson Customer Manager in Google Sheets and Excel ($75) - Quite a bit of effort went into making this tool for car salespeople. It could be adopted to a wide range of industries where meetings are required and customers move through various stages and can buy various types of products / categories of products. It comes in an Excel version and the Google Sheet link is in that file if you want to use that system instead. There is a pretty cool meeting manager in here as well that will alert the user of all upcoming meetings within the existing week. This spreadsheet also includes a performance tracker so historical sales records can be analyzed by $ volume / count and by car type / category basis.
The usability spans across many industries, from car salespersons to real estate agencies and any organization where customers move through stages of on-boarding.