KPI Dashboard: By Product/Service Type, Client Type, and More

This dynamic template provides a useful way to track the performance of your salesmen / reps and invoices over time. There are a lot of in-depth analytics/visuals put into this KPI dashboard to make it as insightful as possible for the user. It is easy to enter data and use.

Updated Version

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available to download after purchase. Check out more dashboards and trackers here.

kpi dashboard

What this KPI Dashboard Model Can Do:
  • Track data points on a daily basis (10+)
  • Track total sales/outstanding/paid revenue by day over course of a given yearly time-frame.
  • Track individual performance of client types over any date range.
  • Query any invoice and see its total amount, paid amount, and outstanding amount.
The idea behind any KPI dashboard is to see how various areas of your business or organization are doing over time. The degree of granularity and flexibility of a given dashboard is going to drive the level of insight and allow them to work more efficiently as well as see where things need to get better or be maintained.

You will be able to control data in and data out from this single Excel model / template. Note that there are a lot of things on this sheet that can be automatically implemented because of the dynamic nature of many of the logic structures.