3 Statement Financial Model for eCommerce

This is one of the most common types of financial models needed for all kinds of uses. I have made this one to tailor to an eCommerce scenario. There have been a lot of nice integrations for visual and ease of use. That is the beauty of excel. Note the source for this was SBA.gov.

This template is no longer available, see an upgraded version of the 3 statement model here. Also, this eCommerce financial model was just finished.

Here are the features:
  • Projects out 3 years by month.
  • Monthly Profit and Loss rolls into annual.
  • P/L rolls into annual cash flow.
  • Annual cash flow rolls into ending balance sheet.
  • Debt schedule included and fully integrated into the monthly profit and loss as well as the 3 annual statements. You can set the financing assumptions to see how this effects cash flow.
  • Visual includes total adjusted revenue, gross profit, and net operating income and annual cash position.
  • Visual two includes the debt service coverage ratio by year.
The main purpose that people will use this for are to forecast their cash flow and general financial position to a bank or possible investors. Having said that, you must know I am not a financial advisor and this model may contain errors.

I have included comments/notes/instructions where necessary so you know where everything is flowing and what different terms mean.

One of the added features to the basic 3 statement financial model that is included in this excel template is the break-even analysis. It pulls directly from the first month cost assumptions and based on all the variable/fixed direct and indirect costs you will get a sales figure that represents how much total top-line sales you need to make in order to break-even.

That figure amount represents what you need to make so that after all the costs go out for what it takes to sell the products, you still have enough cash to cover you standard monthly fixed operating expenses.