Startup Financial Model - Food Truck

*Note, cash flow returns have been updated to account for financing / operational cash flow differences and you will now have a leverage return % and non-leveraged return. Note if you set financing at 0% these returns would be the same.

I have been struggling to think of a new financial model to do. That is why I have been silent on this front for a few weeks here in January. Today there was a decent gap in time so I went for it and created this clean 10 year cash flow model for a food truck.

Mobile Home Park Financial Model

Turns out that it pays to run a mobile home park / community. There are a lot of reason to buy an existing community rather than build your own, but if you really have a vision than go for it. The cap rates on these things are healthy for those looking to exit, but still offer buyers plenty of room to make a return on their investment. Overall, it is a very interesting prospect for those willing to dive in.