Startup Financial Model - Food Truck

*Note, cash flow returns have been updated to account for financing / operational cash flow differences and you will now have a leverage return % and non-leveraged return. Note if you set financing at 0% these returns would be the same.

I have been struggling to think of a new financial model to do. That is why I have been silent on this front for a few weeks here in January. Today there was a decent gap in time so I went for it and created this clean 10 year cash flow model for a food truck.

Mobile Home Park Financial Model

Investing in mobile home parks or RV parks can be really lucrative, but a financial plan is the first place to start. This financial model enables the user to perform an investment analysis of acquiring and operating 1 to 40 different Mobile Home Parks (MHPs) on the same timeline, all with their own initial investment assumptions and capital structures. Dynamic inputs have been added that show options for initial debt, interest only period, and refi (yes/no). The rental income and expenses have been upgraded for better granularity and more accurate forecasting. The parks can be added over time dynamically.