These templates are one-size-fits-most, however you may occasionally need something tweaked for specific situations or completely built from scratch. That is no problem and I'm happy to help.

I love to build new Excel spreadsheet financial models for general business needs (or Google Sheet templates) as well as provide customizations. I can do pretty much anything you can think of and have best-in-practice financial modeling techniques across a wide range of industries.

Currently, I'm immediately available for same-day work.

Hourly Fee Schedule

Typical turnaround time: 24-48 hours.

Learn More About Working with Me

Things I Can Help With
  • Template walkthrough to help you use financial models and fit them to your situation.
  • Custom template builds from scratch.
  • Modify a template you already have.
  • Audit a template you already have for logical issues.
  • If you do the final option on the dropdown above for 20 hours, there is a 10% discount on the total price.
  • Each job is different so depending on the complexity of the assumptions and scope of the job, the total time will vary from client to client. Generally, a basic model built from scratch will be 5-7 hours. If you can find a template I already have and just need a smaller customization, then it could be 1-2 hours.
How Billable Time is Tracked and Client View

Generally, I am collaborative during the building process. This means lots of QA with clients while I build. This makes it easier to get the model working exactly as needed.

Let me know what I can help with...I do all sorts of financial modeling and financial calculator building.

I work on a pay as you go pre-paid basis.

If you want a solid financial template library, you can buy everything I've built for the public here.

Summary of Lifetime Billings from SmartHelping Clients

275 Total Custom Jobs on SmartHelping from July 16, 2017 - June 2, 2024

The presented graphs provide a comprehensive analysis of the anticipated duration and cost associated with standard custom financial modeling projects I've done. These insights are periodically updated every one to two months. The dataset encompasses lifetime billings, both in terms of hours and cost (USD), for every client that has engaged with SmartHelping. The higher parts of the curve represent a higher probability that the job will fall into that time / cost range. Essentially, from the data above you can pretty much guarantee any job will be less than 20 hours and $2,000.

This doesn't include work I've done through other vendor platforms.

Billable Hour Promotion: If you pay for 1 hour of billable work, you can get one $45 template at no charge (scales up for as many credit hours as you buy).

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