Thanks for going with me! I love to build new Excel spreadsheets for people (or Google Sheet templates) as well as provide spreadsheet customizations.

Hourly Fee Schedule
Things I Can Help With
  • Template walkthrough to help you use financial models and fit them to your situation.
  • Custom template builds from scratch.
  • Modify a template you already have.
  • Audit a template you already have for logical issues.
  • Any purchase of 5+ hours at one time will result in a 10% discount (this is in the schedule) and there are no refunds on this purchase even if I don't use the full 5+ hours.
Let me know what I can help with...I do all sorts of financial modeling and financial calculator building.

Want to schedule a quick 30 minute consultation? Pay and schedule below:

Need to Reschedule?

As long as you reschedule 12 hours or more prior to the meeting start, that is fine. If you cancel / reschedule within 12 hours of the meeting start time, there are no refunds and you would have to buy another consultation credit.

Note, this 30 minute consultation doesn't guarantee I will do any modeling request. It is just to talk. Any unused time can be applied to the actual work that is to be done, if any.

email: jason@smarthelping.com

I work on a pay as you go pre-paid basis.

Alternative Forms of Payment
I do accept BTC and ETH as a form of payment as well as anything else that can be sent via a regular Coinbase account. Just e-mail me about this.