Thanks for going with me!

Hourly Fee Schedule

  • NEW SERVICE - I will offer a 2 hour template walkthrough where I can step through each tab of a given template that you have purchased and help you think about how to enter your specific assumptions into the template and explain logic. Any unused time can be saved as well for modifications or future use. (email me to schedule a time: jason@smarthelping.com)
  • Any purchase of 5+ hours at one time will result in a 10% discount (this is in the schedule) and there are no refunds on this purchase even if I don't use the full 5+ hours.
Let me know what I can help with...I do all sorts of financial modeling and financial calculator building.

e-mail: jason@smarthelping.com

I work on a pay as you go pre-paid basis.

Alternative Forms of Payment
I do accept BTC and ETH as a form of payment as well as anything else that can be sent via a regular Coinbase account. Just e-mail me about this.