Loan Business Financial Models

 There are all kinds of ways to enter the money lending business game. You can be a facilitator of loans operator that takes fees from activity (P2P or P2B or what have you). There is also the investor participant of a P2P platform that lends money out to borrowers. Or, you may want to originate your own loans through a money lending business via flat fees or traditional P+i loans. All of these things can be modeled out with the templates in this bundle. This is the most pure form of making money with money.

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lending business models
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Loan Business Templates:

flat fee lending business
People like flat fee lenders because they offer predictable and transparent pricing, eliminating the uncertainty and hidden fees associated with traditional lenders. For this reason, starting a loan business with easy to follow repayment schedules can gain traction easier. This template lets you scale up to three loan types with different terms over a 10 year period.

lending business
Lending businesses provide funds to individuals or organizations in exchange for repayment with interest over a specified period of time. You can model out the economics of such a business with this financial forecasting template. It has three different types of loans with varying term inputs over time. Includes an option for utilization of a credit facility to originate loans.

p2p lending platform
P2P (peer-to-peer) lending is a form of lending that connects individuals looking to borrow money with investors willing to lend money, typically through an online platform. This financial model does a good job at showing the facilitation of interest-only loans and the revenue generated from fees by doing so.

p2p loan investing
If you wish to invest in loans on a P2P platform, this model can help you forecast how quickly you can grow your investment, compounding interest, and adding deposits over time based on defined weighted average APR rates of loans, default averages, and more.

seller financing amortization
Seller financing, also known as owner financing, is a transaction in which the seller of a property or business provides financing to the buyer, allowing them to make payments over time rather than obtaining traditional financing from a bank or other lender. This template shows the amortization schedule and resulting taxable / return of basis amounts per month over the repayment term.

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