Cash Flow Waterfall Template: 3 IRR Hurdles

 If you deal in joint venture deals, want to learn about how those deals are financed, and/or need a standalone template to plug in cash contributions and distributions, this model will work for you over and over again. It is the most basic and general version of a cash flow waterfall with 3 IRR hurdles. This is a great place to start for any joint venture endeavor. The incentives that result from this make it a win / win for the LP (investor) and GP (sponsor/operator).

Rolling Revenue SaaS Forecasting Template in Excel

 This is a pain point for any finance department or CFO or consultant that is charged with producing regular rolling revenue forecasts for a SaaS company. The future customers are not so bad, but figuring out the best way to account for revenue of existing customers is much more difficult if you want to do it properly. This involves knowing when customers joined, retention rates, and easily being able to update this over time to continue to get good numbers. The template you see here accomplishes just that.