HR Management Templates

 This is an aggregate list of all the spreadsheets I have built that could be used by an HR (human resources) manager or by the HR department of nearly any organization. Some of the templates are in Google Sheets so be sure to have a free Gmail account to use those. The Excel templates will work as normal. These spreadsheets will make it easier to stay organized.

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HR Management Templates:

employee data tracker
HR management tracking spreadsheets are a useful tool for organizing and analyzing employee data, but they can become complex and unwieldy without proper planning and management. Keep your headers clean with this template.

employee scheduling
Employee scheduling templates are pre-designed plans that help managers efficiently allocate staff to specific shifts and tasks, improving productivity and reducing scheduling conflicts. This sheet works on a 7-day, 24 hour view.

time sheet template
Employee timesheet templates in Excel are a customizable and user-friendly tool for tracking employee hours, calculating pay, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies.

employee training tracker
Tracking employee training on a sheet is a practical and organized approach to monitor employee progress and ensure that employees receive the required training to improve their skills and knowledge.

gantt schedule
Gantt scheduling for construction jobs is a project management technique that utilizes a visual timeline to plan, schedule, and track tasks, resources, and deadlines to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget. You can even track budgeted vs. planned man hour usage on the same view.

construction KPI
A KPI dashboard for construction job success provides a real-time overview of the key performance indicators related to safety, quality, cost, and schedule, enabling construction managers to make data-driven decisions and improve project performance. This tracker focuses on margin and profit averages for quotes vs. actuals.

hiring and firing forecasting tool
The job role of HR managers includes overseeing the hiring process, managing employee relations, and making difficult decisions related to employee termination and separation. This template helps with planning out headcount needs over the next quarter.

KPI dashboard
A company-wide KPI scoring template is a comprehensive tool that helps businesses track and analyze key performance indicators across different departments and functions, providing valuable insights into overall company performance. With this spreadsheet, you will automatically compute grades based on a 1-10 scale.

Payroll calculators in a spreadsheet are a convenient and efficient way to automate payroll processing, accurately calculate employee wages, and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. You can make a new tab for each new payroll period in order to preserve historical data.

project management
Project management and milestone tracking in Excel provides a flexible and customizable approach to plan, track, and monitor project progress, enabling project managers to identify potential issues and adjust their plans to meet project deadlines and objectives.

salesperson incentives
Salesperson commission planning is a process that helps businesses determine fair and effective commission structures, motivate and incentivize sales teams, and optimize sales performance and profitability.

hiring plan
This entire template is driven off forecasted forward 3 month recurring revenue. Forecasting hiring needs in a SaaS business involves analyzing sales and growth projections, identifying critical roles and skill gaps, and developing a hiring plan to ensure the company has the talent and resources to support its expansion and success.

firing people
Running a financial impact analysis of firing employees involves evaluating the direct and indirect costs associated with employee termination, such as severance pay, unemployment insurance, and training and hiring costs, to determine the financial impact on the company's bottom line.

to do list
A to-do list tracker in Google Sheets allows you to create and manage tasks, set due dates, track progress, and collaborate with others in a convenient and customizable spreadsheet format.

time tracker
Tracking your own billable hours in Excel enables you to easily record, calculate, and analyze the time spent on client projects, helping you to accurately invoice for your work and improve your time management skills.

The goal of these spreadsheets is to give anyone that has to manage employees a set of tools that can be used standalone or built upon without much effort. It is also to introduce new formulas and concepts that the user may not have been aware of and can now make use of as they see fit. No scripts or macros are used in any of the sheets. It is all based on formulas and conditional formatting / dropdowns.

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