This is an aggregate list of all the spreadsheets I have built that could be used by an HR (human resources) manager or by the HR department of nearly any organization. Some of the templates are in Google Sheets so be sure to have a free Gmail account to use those. The Excel templates will work as normal.

$149.00 USD - HR Spreadsheets Bundle
(lifetime access to all HR templates I ever build)

Don't let things be messy, These sheets will help you get organized. All the templates will be immediately available for download after purchase.

Templates Included:

The goal of these spreadsheets is to give anyone that has to manage employees a set of tools that can be used standalone or built upon without much effort. It is also to introduce new formulas and concepts that the user may not have been aware of and can now make use of as they see fit. No scripts or macros are used in any of the sheets. It is all based on formulas and conditional formatting / dropdowns.

You can buy all financial model templates and tools from in one large bundle here: (see 'buy in bulk' dropdown at the top of the page there)