Hiring Plan Financial Model - Sales Team, Customer Support, R&D

This is a highly focused financial planning tool that is designed to allow the user to forecast revenue at various growth rates and then define how many hires they want to have made per function types based on the revenue in the next 3 months. The scope of the tool is for a 5 year time frame and displays data on a monthly basis.

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available for download after purchase. This is included in the HR Tools in Excel template bundle.

The main departments that you can plan for include a sales team with sales directors, a customer support team, an R&D team, and a miscellaneous team as defined by the user. Instead of making it so you have various types of employees running off of the count of other employees (like having 4 CS reps per every SDR) I have made it so you can define the headcount of each hire type individually.

You will manually enter the amount of revenue that you are planning for in order to get your head count units. For example, if you put in $300k for box C13, then all the head count figures you enter would be defining the amount of hires you need per every $300k worth of revenue. If your revenues in the next 3 months add up to $600k, then it effectively doubles all the head count figures you have entered in the assumptions tab.

You can then also define the annual fully loaded cost per team member type and define the annual growth rate each year over 5 years. The formula will take your annual growth rate and automatically calculate what the monthly growth rate must be in order to result in a total annual growth that equals the defined annual %. Fun math that involves 1/12...adding 1, subtracting 1 and a few other things that you can see once you're in the model.

There are a ton of visuals so you can see the head count and total costs relative to total revenues on a monthly basis for 5 years. The data is broken into high level and low level departments.

It is interesting to see how your current revenue will be able to support the hiring plan based on future growth.

Any customization you need can be billed out at the standard billing rate of $75/hr. if you want me to make specific builds that fit your individual needs.

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