SaaS Pricing Sensitivity Analysis and Simulator

 Any SaaS (software as a service) business or really any recurring revenue organization will benefit from this pricing tool. With the template, you can isolate various variables within customer configuration in order to see how that effects key performance metrics (LTV, CaC, IRR, LTV to CaC ratio, months to pay back CaC). i.e. adjust retention rate or hold all else equal and adjust contract value and contract terms. There are up to 10 configurations available.

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available to download after purchase. This template is available in the SaaS template bundle as well.

saas retention sensitivity analysis

Example of Uses (just some of them)

  • Hold all other inputs equal and adjust retention rate to see how this effects output metrics of a given customer
  • Adjust contract value and length (may imply a change in retention as well)
  • Adjust acquisition cost inputs and hold all else equal
  • Adjust contract value and cost to service contracts (to see various gross profit results)

Features of this SaaS pricing tool:

  • Easily adjust key customer variable inputs on a summary tab to update each type
  • Up to 10 configurations
  • Determine optimal pricing / contract terms that are feasible based on costs and retention expectations.
  • Up to 120 months
User Inputs:
  • Customer Contract Length (months)
  • Average Renewal Rate / Retention
  • Other On-Boarding Costs per Customer
  • One-Time Revenue per Customer
  • Starting Average Contract Value per Customer
  • Average Increase in Contract Value at Renewal
  • Annual Sales and Marketing Salaries
  • Annual Ad Spend
  • Expected Customers Added per Year
  • # of Customers a Single Customer Service (CS) Rep Handles
  • Average Monthly Salary (fully loaded) per CS Rep
  • Hosting / Server / Other Costs per Customer per Month
  • Discount Rate (annual)
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CaC)
  • Months to Pay Back CaC
  • Customer Lifetime Value (discounted)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (non-discounted)
  • LTV to CaC Ratio
  • IRR (annual)
  • Monthly Contract Value per Customer
  • Monthly Cost per Customer
Comparative Visuals:
  • Lifetime Customer Cash Flows (up to 120 months)
  • Lifetime Customer Gross Profit (up to 120 months)
  • Average Customer Lifetime (retention over time)
  • CaC
  • Contract Length
  • CaC payback period (months)
  • Renewal Rate
  • Lifetime Value (discounted)
  • LTV to CaC Ratio
  • IRR
  • Monthly Customer Contract Value vs. Monthly Cost per Customer
The elegance of use was one of the major selling points of this template. At first, I was going to do all the inputs on each customer detail tab, but then the user would need to toggle all the tabs to update this. The solution was to make all the inputs easily adjustable for each of the 10 customer configurations right on the summary tab. Having this all in one spot dramatically improves experience.

An index tab shows a high level description of each tab as well as definitions of key terms.