SaaS MRR Calculator

 Managing a SaaS business can get cloudy real quick. This financial model template was geared towards the most important metric for recurring revenue subscription companies. That is MRR and how that MRR has changed from period to period. It is probably the most important metric when figuring out what is driving growth or losses.

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MRR calculator

This SaaS MRR calculator helps companies determine their current monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and provides a valuation based on their annual run rate. The calculator is simple to use and can be customized for different customer types. 

It is easy to input customer data and calculate MRR of each pricing cohort (up to 20 types). The calculator generates charts and provides information on percentage changes and $ value changes in MRR from one period to the next.

If you want to report on multiple periods, just make a copy of the tab and fill in the new data. You can easily paste in data from a previous period and see how that compares to your new customer data / MRR.

I added a Google Sheet version, which is included in the download. This spreadsheet software has automatic chart sizing, which is nice for dynamic customer types.

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