SmartHelping Plus

I do a lot of spreadsheet work for clients. This can include database work, financial models, ad hoc financial calculators, and all sorts of interesting logical frameworks. With this subscription service, you get ongoing access to all of these sheets. I'd estimate that only 1 in 20 client job sheets ever get used to make a public template as you see on the rest of this site. Now, you can get access to all that other work that I do every month.

$39.99 USD per Month Subscription 

(one-time initial fee of $199.00 USD)

After purchase, your email will be sent access to the data file so you can download all the Excel spreadsheets. Cancel anytime.

About SmartHelping Plus Spreadsheet Program

This is mainly to give the SmartHelping community access to work I do from scratch that is otherwise not available anywhere else.

Why the Initial One-time Fee?

This helps for two main reasons: 1) It covers any time I may need to spend making sure the client can access the Excel files and help with any instruction if needed. 2) When the initial month is purchased, you are getting access to a lot of templates up front. If I only charged $39.99 for that, it would be giving away 100s of templates for too little a price. Eventually there will be 100s available in the SmartHelping Plus subscription program.


  • You never know what new and useful spreadsheets will come through next!
  • Includes files I build from scratch for clients.
  • Includes modifications to SmartHelping spreadsheets that I never go public with.
  • You will get access to the complete data file immediately after subscribing.
  • I continuously add to the data file in real time.
  • These files are only available through this subscription.
  • You will have access to the Excel files as long as your subscription is active.
  • All files are sanitized for privacy.
  • Learn what clients are actually paying me to build.
  • You will only see files in here that I am the Author / Owner of.
  • I label the files according to the update that was done to them.
Templates Added in April 2024:
  • Build to Sell Condo (two fund views, debt and equity investor scenario, cost schedule payment terms (x% paid in month 1/2/3 from when units start), assigned cost of goods sold per unit type that includes land costs and unit construction costs, separate land purchase schedule, manual GP contribution / distribution, simple construction loan, 3 floor plans)
  • Build to Sell Condo (2 floor plans, option to rent some units and then sell, manual GP contribution/distribution)
  • Enterprise SaaS (manual customer acquisition, dynamic development schedule)
  • Made to Order Manufacturing (added 4 loan schedules)
  • Build to Rent Condo Model (extended from 10 to 13 years and hard coded sale price per unit at exit)
  • Mining Model (added preferred equity waterfall to it)
Initial Batch of Templates Included:
  • Simple Pref with GP Profit Catchup
  • Simple Pref with GP Distribution Catchup
  • General Home Service Biz with Dynamic Debt for Vehicle Scaling
  • Advanced Laundromat
  • Advanced Condo Development
  • Cost Segregation (custom automation for depreciation schedules and summaries)
  • Cost Segregation (simply categorizing property into 3 types with dropdown)
  • Enterprise SaaS with Sales Cycles
  • Scaling Multiple Locations of Courts Over Time (rental model)
  • Account Executive Driven Model (added 4 more quarters for performance pattern modeling)
  • Travel / Booking Company

After purchase, your email will be given access to a data file that gets updated continuously as I do more work for clients. As long as your subscription is active, you will have access to all the spreadsheets contained in that data file. Having access means you can download them for yourself and use them / learn from them / do whatever you like with them.

The files come in a Zip folder, you can download the Zip folder and unzip the files at any time through your Google Sheet Access link. Things work best if you use a free Gmail account, but it is not required.

The reason I don't just post all those files for sale on my own site is because it takes too much time for in-depth video overviews, setting up the payment links, and doing long-form specs of the spreadsheet. However, there is still a ton of value in all the work I do and others can learn and can value from what is contained in those files.

File Sanitation

In order to ensure the privacy of clients I am doing this work with, all the files you gain access to will have any identifying information and data removed. What you are paying for is the core logic and input / output structure. I will only add files that are 100% complete according to client specs.

What Type of Client Work is Added?

I don't put 100% of the files on here that I work with clients on. It will contain things I build from scratch for clients, new logic I build for clients, and customizations I do for clients that are for existing SmartHelping spreadsheets. If you are a client and send me a spreadsheet to do a slight modification on, that won't be added to this. If you have an entire enterprise wide spreadsheet system that I do work on, that will also not be added here.