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I love trading and plan to for the rest of my life, but my actual day job is working in excel for all kinds of businesses and individual clients. I have combined my accounting/finance experience with excel formula/logic skills in order provide helpful services to any business.

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Note, I am very open to bulk deals and can cut up to 70% off depending on how many models you want.

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So what type of Quant work can I do in excel/google sheets?
  • Real Estate Models: Integrating IRR hurdles, preferred equity splits, capitalization rate (cap rate), total returns, annual return calculations, pre/post tax cash flows, DCF/NPV analysis, DSCR, financing, amortization schedules and building clean summary/input pages that feed through the rest of the model for quick scenario checking of acquisitions or sponsor/investor situations. I do understand how to account for depreciation recapture, capitals gains tax, and seller fees when calculating cash flows for the selling year of the building(s).
  • Cash Flow Models: If you have a pro-forma and want to project out with all kinds of assumption variables, I can do that for you 5/10/15/20/30 years out. This may also mean building cash flow forecasts of complex instruments or businesses that have different ways that cash flow has to be analyzed. For me this is not typically an issue and I have worked with all kinds of financial instruments including debt financing, SaaS, cash advance, interest rate swaps and more.
  • Bookeeping work: Building import ready models that can deal with data in a more efficient way so that revenues/expenses from a bank statement can be categorized quickly and clearly. Remember my major was Accounting and I have a Bachelors of Science degree.
  • Data Visualization and Analytics to show various performance metrics based on sales, employee performance, product segment stats, etc... 
  • Scheduling templates.
  • Risk models for futures trading and connecting data from MT4/ThinkorSwim/Interactive Brokers to excel.
  • I do have some experience working with scripts in google sheets and VBA/macros in excel. I am not an expert programmer, but can use it mainly for cleaning/organizing data.
  • Apply just about any formula that is available in excel and use it in a wide variety of scenarios to give businesses the analytical power/end result that they need. Usually this means making the process of reporting/data analysis quicker.
My standard billing rate: $40/hour
I am willing to negotiate a fixed price.
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Please note I don't hold a license to give investment advice but simply provide tools/analysis of data for the user to decide how to use themselves.

Note that if you do purchase one of the excel models, any work that is required that falls outside of the scope of that excel models' description will be billed at $30/hr.