Sales Tracker - Printable Template

 This is a very easy-to-use sales tracker that was made for basically any business that wants to keep track of their monthly and YTD sales as well as print out clean historical sales reports. I build it in Excel and a Google Sheets version is included that is also printable. 

$45.00 USD

After purchase, this template will be immediately available to download. Additionally, it is included in the sales pipeline / CRM templates bundle.

sales tracker

Template Features:

  • Produce printable sales reports
  • Show sales by individual product / service or 'ALL' products/services consolidated together
  • Displays a 12-month view of sales made, count of sales made, and average value per sale
  • Displays last year's sales by month and total as well
  • Comparison charts between this year vs. last year and percentage of last year attained
The data entry is really simple. All you do is put in the date of the sale, the product/service sold, and the amount. Those three data points drive the entire dashboard. 

Tracking month over month and year over year sales can help businesses identify trends and patterns in their sales performance, evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing and sales strategies, measure progress towards goals, forecast future sales, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and increase revenue. 

I really like the way you are able to see sales per month of the previous year and then the current year sales data populates right below that. It is a very straightforward way to review if you are up or down across various periods as well as see the total current year vs. last year sales and the percentage of last year you have attained.