Car Salesperson: Improvement Tracker

This is an awesome template that anybody who sells cars can use to make themselves better. The main benefits include better organization, follow-ups, and win rate analysis. There are monthly stats and visuals over a two-year period across various slicers (meaning track win rate/sales/lost sales/$ earned across different car types/makes and by combination of car type and make).


The template will be sent to you after purchase via your PayPal/purchasing e-mail. This template is included in the category bundle 'Helpful Organization and Tracking Tools in Excel' and  Google Sheets template bundle.

Note, the excel version will only function if you have Office 365 and have joined the insiders program (until Microsoft decides to make array formulas like the 'filter' function usable in the standalone version of Excel). So, if you don't have that setup, you will have to use the Google Sheet version (which has some better use functionality). Both have the same metrics.

The template is setup like a database where all data is entered on a single tab about each lead. Then the status of that lead is changed by the user as the customer moves through their pipeline. i.e. moves from 'Called>Appointment Set>Follow-Up>Long/Term and as soon as a lead is marked as 'Sold' or 'Lost' they are removed from the pipeline. This is all organized with formulas and is automatic.

There is an 'upcoming appointments' tab that will populate any lead that has an appointment set date for the current week. This automatically changes as you move through time so each week you will know what is upcoming as long as you are keeping up on your data entry.

The visuals and monthly stats will display over a two-year period. The formulas that populate this can be drug down to see more data at once if desired or change the start month to see various two-year time frames and the performance therein.

Stats include wins, losses, win rate, $ sold, $ lost, commissions earned, commissions lost.

Lifetime stats also exist for win rate and the above stats will be able to be visualized by make, car type, or all leads.

For the Google Sheet version, just go to the link that is in the excel download on the 'Instructions' tab and then hit File > Make a Copy once you open up the google sheet.

Note, this could probably be adapted for any salesperson that sells products and want to keep track of their performance and keep appointments organized.

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