Car Wash Financial Model

So, you want to get into the car washing business? Financial planning is the first step. Assuming a lucrative location is acquired and no catastrophes happen, this can be a viable business endeavor. Here is a forecasting template that makes it easy to see various scenarios, yields, and returns. 

Dry Cleaning Financial Model & ROI Summary

If you are looking to start your own dry cleaning business, this spreadsheet will make it easy to build financial forecasts and feasibility testing for this industry. Financial statement outputs are included.

SaaS KPI Modeling - Customer Lifetime Value and CaC Payback

Here are the two most important metrics in the SaaS planning and business modeling world: cLTV and CAC. This Excel template is a great tool organizations can use to see how valuable/invaluable their current customers are as well as get a more clear picture on their customer acquisition cost, MRR pricing, and how it all connects. Also, check out this SaaS Rolling Revenue Forecast.

PPC Financial Model - Conversion % / CPC / Profit Feasibility

If you are interested in the internet marketing space, be careful of PPC promotion. People fail at it for lack of planning and poor conversion percentages. The conversion rates will depend on landing page / product quality, but what is essential is figuring out what a click is worth so you know how much you can pay and what profits will be made at various click volumes. I have put together a spreadsheet that helps plan out potential max CPC's you can pay and what kind of profits you are looking at with various scales.

Gantt Chart: Excel or Google Sheets with Man Hours or Revenue/Crew Style

This is an all-in-one template for any organization that has crews to manage and a sales pipeline to track. The database is simple user entry and from there everything populates dynamically and the visuals adjust accordingly.

The upper tier version with the man-hours feature is found in the third video down. All versions are included for the one-time price of $45.