Sales Pipeline Dashboard: Funnels and Gauges in Excel

This is a great tool to help sharpen the sales pipeline, extract more value from it, and get an immediate picture of where certain accounts stand within the sales process that you have identified. This template can be used across many individual teams or just one person.

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customer funnel

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The way this works is pretty straightforward. Data is entered about incoming accounts on a pipeline data entry tab. This is where all data entry happens about potential accounts. On that page you can identify the payment cycles, the stage of the account, the date it has entered the pipeline and the date it is closed and won or lost.

Based on the data entry, you will see the funnel chart on the dashboard automatically update and it will show the total value of accounts in each stage of the pipeline. There is also a funnel chart that shows all the counts of accounts in each stage.

The stages are designed to resemble a standard process of pipeline entry, tabled for later, or moved down from an opportunity to proposal/follow-up/sales pending and then finally closed.

Individual data visualizations, via gauge charts, have also been built to show the following (this is not easy to do in excel):
  • Total opportunities in the pipeline
  • The total value of opportunities in the pipeline
  • The average size of opportunity ($)
  • Win Rate
  • The average length of the sales cycle
The values in the gauge charts are easily editable as you will see in the video so it is a one size fits all deal where all you are changing is the value that makes up each section of the gauge and the relative size of each piece of the gauge just by changing pre-defined data inputs on the 'validation' tab. This is because all pipelines can have different goals and values of what is bad/ok/good.

Don't confuse a conversion funnel with a sales pipeline funnel. I have added a tab that simply shows conversion funnel math i.e. total traffic, % of subscribers from traffic, % of leads from subscribers, % of proposals from leads, and % of sales from leads. I then added an 'actual' data entry that shows your actual conversions and a funnel visualization of both the model and actual. It is a good way to visually see the differences in how you thought/hoped your pipeline should go and what actually happened. This is separate from the main pipeline dashboard and just an aside tool that may be useful to you.