Sales Pipeline Tracking Model: CRM for Excel

Many organizations look to paid SaaS companies to use when managing their sales pipeline and/or CRM systems. This does cost a monthly fee and sometimes ends up not being used properly or not used at all because of the user interface problems.

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available for download after purchase. Check out all sales pipeline management spreadsheets here.
There are two different drivers of this model. It can either be used as a closed system where you are using the input card to enter all relevant data that is to be attached to a move in your sales pipeline and the macro then pulls it in an organized fashion.

Example Fields Include:
  • Date
  • Revenue type (up to 4)
  • Amount
  • Salesmen
  • Action type (new sales pipeline, new contract won, contract closed, pipeline lost)
  • Contract field
  • Customer Name
  • Etc...
The input card can easily be made to handle all the different fields that you want to be able to track on a customer or contract by contract basis.

On the primary summary, you will be able to see the net contract value won and pipeline value added on an annual basis numerically/visually as well as the specific amount of lost value in contracts/pipeline. Also, you can plug any date range in and see the resulting net transactions.

From there, the model also has visual aspects with charts that show relative salesmen performance over time (quarter/month) and the movements in each sales pipeline action over time. This gives the organization the ability to see how the value of their pipeline is changing over time and exactly where that change is being driven from.

The purpose of this CRM-like model is to be more of a big picture tool that is detailed enough to give the ability to report and analyze performance in a highly dynamic and specific way.

As always, I have tried to make everything as automated and dynamic as possible to minimize the time it takes to use as well as the effect of human error. Note that many of the fields that go into the database can be made to pull from various tables that are conditional based as well as drop-downs. The less manual data entry, the better its integrity.

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