Customer Pipeline Manager - CRM in Google Sheets

I have built various excel and google sheet based sales pipeline or customer pipeline styled templates, but this latest version allows the user to start right away without much, if any, required customizations. It simply tracks customers through the pipeline as well as their annual value.

$75.00 USD

The template will be immediately accessible after purchase. This is included in the Google Sheets template bundle. Remember to hit File and Make a Copy once you go through the link in the downloadable file.

The following sales pipeline templates are also included in the one-time purchase above:
In previous versions, I have done time-based planning where you have a date variable. For the purpose of a manager just being able to see a current snapshot of all their prospective and current customers, there is no need for a time-based variable that displays over the course of months. Instead, you have a great tool to help manage all the customers that are interacting with your organization through time.

This is on-going and can be used without having to re-copy the template for a new year or something of that nature.

One feature I forgot to mention in the video is you can sort the 'data' tab based on $ value (sort Z to A) or based on any other header and that will change the order that each customer is displayed on the pipeline stage tabs.

The functionality is really simple. You enter basic details about the customer, such as their annual $ value, name, email, phone, customer type, assigned account executive (salesment), and finally the pipeline stage they are in. Once they enter a new stage, for example going from appointments to closed, all you have to do is change their status and that will automatically move their data to a different tab than it was previously on.

The data all lives on the main 'data' tab, but you will get the filtered views of all the customers in each stage on their own unique tabs. This makes managing the entire sales pipeline clear and easy to understand.

Instructions are included for more nuanced explanations and descriptions of how all the tabs are interacting. There are color-coded features for each tab that indicate good or bad. For example, a client that is just a 'lead' is shown in yellow and customers that are 'closed' would be green. Customers that are possible churn or have close would be orange and red respectively.

One of the interesting areas I decided to include was 'possible churn'. This gives the manager an instant view of who might be leaving and decisions can be made accordingly.

Also, I added a 'negotiating' stage as that is when revenue is about to be realized so the manager may want to view those clients first to make sure everything is going smoothly in the sales process.

You may also classify this template as a customer relationship manager.