Rent vs Own Calculator

 This is a discussion many people talk about, but few actually go in and build a comprehensive financial model for. With this template, you can really get a good grip on what the financial impact will be over the course of your life if you own your home vs. renting a home. Obviously there are other factors to consider that may not have anything to do with numbers, but for this analysis, we are strictly looking at the numbers only.

Update to Money Lending Business Forecasting Template

 This is not as major as the previous update I did to this financial model where a rolling credit facility was added along with revenue recycling percentages, but it is major in terms of making the template more usable and easier to follow as well as more durable.

Update to Inventory Forecasting Spreadsheet

 I have an awesome update to the inventory restocking and cash flow planning template. It now is able to handle up to 500 SKUs (up from 19 in the original). This template has been the most populate Excel template that I have ever built and it has had the best feedback from customers. I have had about 10 requests to extend the SKU count, but it required a bit of an overhaul to the entire model. The update is finally done!

Sports Agency Financial Model

 If you are going to start your own sports agency business, a financial plan is required. This template will give you a robust set of dynamic assumptions that enable a clean output financial model / financial statements for starting up and running a sports agency. Note, this would also work for any sort of general agency where there are two primary revenue streams (playing/acting career and endorsements).

Update to Seller Financing Template: Added Two New Loan Types

 I did a seller financing amortization schedule and tax basis calculator awhile back. Now, I have added two additional tabs to that template that gives the user the ability to see what the IRR is for the seller if the transaction uses interest only loans or term loans.

Economic Model for Private Membership-only Golf Course

 I have done a golf course financial model in the past, but it was based off one-time course fee revenue (meaning a capacity model where you have one-time purchases to play holes and it is open to the public). This financial model was built after many requests to do a private golf course / club where you have a limited number of member 'seats' and those golfers pay a monthly fee as well as a few other caveats.