Update to Seller Financing Template: Added Two New Loan Types

 I did a seller financing amortization schedule and tax basis calculator awhile back. Now, I have added two additional tabs to that template that gives the user the ability to see what the IRR is for the seller if the transaction uses interest only loans or term loans.

You can buy the spreadsheet here: https://www.smarthelping.com/2022/06/seller-financing-financial-model-and.html

It is also included in the real estate bundle: https://www.smarthelping.com/p/real-estate.html

and the lending models template bundle: https://www.smarthelping.com/p/lending.html

The main use of this Excel sheet is going to see what the various cash flows and IRR values look like with varying loan terms or to track actual tax basis on the principal repayments over time based on varying loan terms.

Two Additional Loan Types Added:

1. Interest Only - user selects the cost basis, sales price, down payment, interest rate, payments per year, and term of the loan. Resulting cash flows / gross profit / tax basis will calculate per period.

2. Term Loan - user selects cost basis, sales price, down payment, interest rate, payments per year, amortization period, and term. This one lets you play with a balloon payment at some point in the future while still having a regular p+i payment schedule up until that point.

You may also be interested in this preferred return model for non-debt deal structuring based on a defined rate for the LP.

I am open to requests to add more loan types as well! Let Me Know.