Update to Inventory Forecasting Spreadsheet

 I have an awesome update to the inventory restocking and cash flow planning template. It now is able to handle up to 500 SKUs (up from 19 in the original). This template has been the most populate Excel template that I have ever built and it has had the best feedback from customers. I have had about 10 requests to extend the SKU count, but it required a bit of an overhaul to the entire model. The update is finally done!

You can download the Excel file here and start your inventory forecasting.

This template is also included in the accounting and inventory spreadsheet bundles.

A couple of notes about the update:

  • Both the 19 and 500 SKU versions are included in the one-time purchase
  • The 500 SKU version is ~70MB and the 19 SKU version is ~2.5MB
  • When you first open up the 500 SKU version, you will need to wait about 30 seconds while Excel opens it. Once it is open, major adjustments to the assumptions will take 5-10 seconds to propagate depending on how much processing power / RAM your computer has.
  • You can individually define the current inventory, historical sales, safety stock, payment terms, re-order amounts for all 500 SKUs
  • There is a fully updated 500 SKU version that is for startups that start with no inventory in stock and start making inventory purchases at some point in the future.
  • If you don't need to forecast your inventory for a full 36 months and you want to make the file smaller, you can clear out unused columns and lighten the file up that way. Same goes for if you don't need to forecast all 500 SKU slots. Just clear out the rows/columns that are not needed.