Financial Models

All of these financial models have different revenue drivers and dynamics based on the specific business that the forecast is for. Because of that, it is highly time-consuming to build for each industry.

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When you make a purchase, the model will be sent directly to your PayPal/purchasing e-mail. For bulk discount orders, after you purchase, just e-mail me the names of the templates you want and I will send them. Note, I have now added the ability for you to buy all templates/models in a given category.

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Joint Venture Distribution Waterfalls:
These excel templates can apply to real estate or oil and gas deals but also general startups/organizations that want to have more sophisticated cash distribution deals with investors. Just plug in available cash flow.
SaaS and 'as-a-service' or Recurring Revenue Structures:
All the models I have ever done that deal with recurring revenue from software or otherwise.
Industry-Specific Financial Models:
Accounting Tools:
Real Estate:
General-use real estate models. The main focus here is general, multi-family, and mixed-use.
Helpful Organization and Tracking Tools in Excel and Google Sheets:
Get better at tracking important data for your organization. Also, get better at organization, planning, and improve admin efficiency with all of these Excel and Google Sheet tools.
Sales Pipeline / CRM:
Track where your customers are at in the funnel as well as other financial metrics for your cohorts.
KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboards:
These are general metrics dashboards to help see various performance areas of your organization more clearly and in context.
General Business Models and Tools: 
HR (Human Resources):
Personal Finance Tools and Other:
This pitch deck visualization template is included free with the purchase of any template.
Free Tool: Cash Survival Outlook: hit File > Make a Copy after landing on that sheet to get your own editable version.

Financial Model Purchase/Download Tutorial

So what type of Quant work can I do in excel/google sheets?
  • Any kind of financial forecast that is driven by assumptions
  • Any kind of financial calculator
  • Automating reports and creating analysis based on raw data sets
  • Helping to structure correct columns for reporting and summarizing
  • Data visualization
  • Conditional formatting of things
  • Making things more dynamic in general
My standard billing rate: $165/hour

Here is the purchase page for credit hours if you want custom work done:

Please note, I don't hold a license to give investment advice but simply provide tools/analysis of data for the user to decide how to use themselves.


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