Financial Models

All of these financial models have different revenue drivers and dynamics based on the specific business that the forecast is for. Because of that, it is highly time-consuming to build for each industry.

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When you make a purchase, the model will be sent directly to your email. For bulk discounts, after you purchase, just e-mail me the names of the templates you want and I will send them. Note, I have now added the ability for you to buy all templates/models in a given category.

Mid Level: 90 ($45)Intermediate: 7 ($75); Upper Tier: 12 ($125); Ultra: 1 ($175)

Joint Venture Distribution Waterfalls ($199):
These excel templates can apply to real estate deals but also general startups/organizations that want to have more sophisticated cash distribution deals with investors. Just plug in available cash flow.
  • Preferred Equity with an Option for Preferred Return (mid level) - All equity paid out before any other distributions and includes options for pref. return on the pref. equity. Advanced logic follows if needed i.e. IRR hurdles / equity kicker.
  • Preferred Equity - Simple (upper tier) Includes two hurdles. Hurdle 1 is returning all equity and hurdle 2 is returning a defined return multiple on top of that. Cash is split before and after each dynamically based on those hurdles being meant. Does not include a preferred return.
  • Preferred Return (mid level) Return rate gets paid to pref. first and then defined profit share follows.
  • Joint Venture Model - IRR Hurdles / Waterfall (mid level)
  • This bundle also includes the Multi-family acquisition joint venture template.
SaaS and 'as-a-service' or Recurring Revenue Structures ($289):
Accounting Tools ($225):
Real Estate ($135):
Helpful Organization and Tracking Tools in Excel and Google Sheets ($225):
Sales Pipeline / CRM ($75):
KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboards ($65):
Industry-Specific Financial Models ($299):
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So what type of Quant work can I do in excel/google sheets?
  • Any kind of financial forecast that is driven by assumptions
  • Any kind of financial calculator
  • Automating reports and creating analysis based on raw data sets
  • Helping to structure correct columns for reporting and summarizing
  • Data visualization
  • Conditional formatting of things
  • Making things more dynamic in general
My standard billing rate: $120/hour
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Please note I don't hold a license to give investment advice but simply provide tools/analysis of data for the user to decide how to use themselves.

If you do purchase one of the excel models, any work that is required that falls outside of the scope of that excel models' description will be billed at $120/hr.