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 Welcome! Gain access to the most useful financial models here. These templates offer best-in-practice forecasting logic for revenues, expenses, and cash flow. Appropriate modeling methodologies vary by industry. Each template below is carefully researched to ensure the right one is utilized. Enjoy building financial forecasts, feasibilities, and testing price points. Excel and Google Sheets are great for finance!

Purchasing any template bundle grants lifetime access to that bundle, any upgrades to templates in it, and future templates that are added to it. Note, no formulas are hidden and the sheets are fully editable. No tabs are hidden or locked. The logic and formulas are easy to follow along with and learn from.

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The Super Smart Bundle (All Templates)
financial models from
$2,499.00 USD (>50% Savings)
(Pay Once, Access Forever)

SaaS / PaaS / Memberships Forecasting Templates (bundle)
saas forecasting
$1,023.00 USD 
(40% Savings)

All the models I have ever done that deal with recurring revenue from software or otherwise. Included in the SaaS bundle are these templates:

Real Estate Deal Analyzers and Financial Models (bundle)
real estate spreadsheets
$651.00 USD
(40% Savings)

General-use real estate models. The main categories here are value-add, mobile home park, multi-family units, short-term rental, self storage and mixed-use. Included in the real estate bundle are these templates:

Industry-Specific Financial Models (bundle)
industry specific financial models
$1,806.00 USD
(40% Savings)

The revenue and expense logic here is specific for each use case. Included in the industry-specific bundle are these templates:

Joint Venture Distribution Waterfalls (bundle)
joint venture waterfall
$447.00 USD
(40% Savings)

These excel templates can apply to real estate or oil and gas deals but also general startups/organizations that want to have more sophisticated cash distribution deals with investors. Just plug in available cash flow. Included in the joint venture bundle are these templates:

Accounting and Finance Tools (bundle)
accounting spreadsheets
$765.00 USD
(40% Savings)

These are meant to be templates and tools that accounting or finance departments can make use of in their everyday work. It could also sharpen tracking and reporting as well as make difficult calculations easier depending on what is currently being used. Included in the Accounting and Finance bundle are these templates:

HR Management Templates (bundle)
HR management
$405.00 USD
(40% Savings)

This bundle has a lot of organization-wide templates that are used as a high level way to distill data about employees and help HR managers track important information over time. Included in the HR Trackers and Tools bundle are these templates:

Personal Finance Tools (bundle)
personal finance
$216.00 USD
(40% Savings)

Get quantitative tools to improve your personal finances. Included in the personal finance bundle are these templates:

Useful Google Sheets Architecture and Automated Trackers/Filtering Logic (bundle)
google sheet tracking templates
$378.00 USD
(40% Savings)

Get better at tracking important data for your organization. Also, get better at organization, planning, and improve admin efficiency with all of these Excel and Google Sheet tools. Included in the Google Sheets and Trackers bundle are these templates:

Sales Pipeline / KPI / Dashboards (bundle)
sales pipeline management
$216.00 USD
(40% Savings)

Track where your customers are at in the funnel as well as other financial metrics for your cohorts. Included in the sales pipeline / CRM tracker bundle are these templates:

General Business Valuation (bundle)
valuation models
$135.00 USD
(40% Savings)

Value your business with these methodologies. Including in the valuation bundle are these templates:
This pitch deck visualization template is included free with the purchase of any template.

Free Template: Cash Survival Outlook: 

So what type of Financial Modeling work can I do in Excel/Google Sheets?
  • Any kind of financial forecast that is driven by assumptions
  • Any kind of financial calculator
  • Joint Venture Cash flow waterfalls / IRR hurdles / preferred equity
  • 3-Statement Modeling
  • Automating reports and creating analysis based on raw data sets
  • Helping to structure correct columns for reporting and summarizing
  • Data visualization
  • Conditional formatting of things
  • Making things more dynamic in general
Billing rate: $165/hour

Here is the purchase page for credit hours if you want custom work done:

Please note, I don't hold a license to give investment advice but simply provide tools/analysis of data for the user to decide how to use themselves.


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