10 Year Financial Model for Hair Salon / Barbershop

This is a financial model to help anyone starting or running their own hair salon business. Often times, a salon is going to have multiple revenue streams and multiple items in each revenue stream. Also, you may not want all of them to start at once. This spreadsheet has accounted for all of those things.

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The template will be immediately available for download after purchase. This is included in the industry-specific financial model bundle.

Some of the more impressive features of this include a scenario analysis that allows you to toggle between a Low, Base, and High scenario with the click of a button. You can also define the magnitude of each scenario and manually shut off any of the 3 income streams all from one place.

The template allows you to forecast for up to 10 years, but you may only want to forecast for 3 years or 5 years. For that reason, there is an exit month feature that allows you to pick a month to exit the business (meaning selling it) and you can define the exit valuation based on a % of annual revenue. The logic automatically assumes that the loan is paid back at the month of exit if there is any debt at that time.

The debt schedule auto populates in the P&L summaries without you having to manually do anything besides define the amount / rate / term / etc..all on the control tab.

The executive summary on this build has the internal rate of return (IRR), return on investment (ROI) and the annualized ROI. You've also got the break even month/year as well as the $ amount of profit made per year on average. Finally, on this tab there is the high level financials that shows annual revenue/expenses/EBITDA as well as CapEx, debt service, loan funding / pay back / exit value / and the annual cash in/out.

There are also monthly and annual P&L's that are more granular. They show each revenue line item within each revenue stream (so for example a revenue forecast of a given type of haircut / massage package / and/or product line.

Obviously a financial forecast may change, but that is why it is just an estimate of what you think you can do based on XYZ. That is the purpose of any financial model. At its most pure level, you can see what it may cost to get started and how much revenue you need to do in order to make a given amount of profit per year.

Note this is not financial advice. Use at your own risk.