Apr 4, 2017

Gantt Chart with Multiple Crews/Groups + Revenue Pipeline Tracking in Excel

This is the all-in-one template for any organization that has crews to manage and a sales pipeline to track. The database is simple user entry and from there everything populates dynamically and the visuals adjust accordingly.

*After purchase, the model will be e-mailed to you.

This model gives the user an easy way to visually see (in a color coded gantt schedule) what crews/teams are working on in terms of various jobs and when they are working on them. Based on what crews you have assigned to what jobs, everything auto populates. You simply need to enter the start and end dates.

The benefit of this is to keep things organized and avoid over-booking your work force.

The second part of this that has been tied in is a sales pipeline tracker. It matches well with the gantt style because you may have revenue that is earned over many months and it is important to see how this revenue looks when it is spread out over the amount of months the job takes.

When you enter in the start/end dates for the crews and time frame they are working within, this doubles as the source for monthly estimated revenues by job. From there, you also get a summary of profit based on a margin % you put in as well as a labor/other cost entry.

Finally, you will get two visuals. The first shows average revenue and profit by month on a consolidated level across all jobs.

The second shows jobs won by month and average profit per job per month.

An instructions tab has been added as well as notes where necessary. The video should walk you through everything that you have questions on.

Newly Added - Google Sheet Gantt Chart - Included in Purchase Above

This is the google sheet version with just the crew scheduling aspect. Both a copy of the google sheet version and the excel full version with pipeline are included in the one-time price of $45. The benefit of this version is that multiple people can view it at one time. Hopefully it will make your labor hours more efficient.

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