Dynamic Salesmen Goal Tracking Model in Excel

I find that making models is increasingly important for general organization management. What I have gone and built today is a straight forward goal tracking template. The idea is to see how growth is changing on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. The annual is included but I didn't talk much about it in the video.

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With the current version of this performance tracker, you can toggle between various salesmen in order to see what they have done and give a sort of scorecard to them.

To make the visual easy, I made positive growth months show a green percentage and negative a negative percentage.

One of the most varying areas is going to be the data entry module. I have made it so the user can pick their salesmen/employee, the amount of sales they got and the date they got it. If you are just putting in one number for the entire month, that is fine too and you can use any day of the month for that to pop through the tracking dashboard.

The other way that could work is if you have a system that tracks all of this, but doesn't give you the analysis you want. In that case, you can just export the sales information as long as it tags each date and employee and that can be queried to build the tracking database.

There are basically two things tracked. First is how sales are doing relative to monthly sales targets (dynamically set per month and by employee) and how their sales growth percentages are doing relative to their growth goals. Everything automatically updates depending on if you are doing monthly or quarterly reporting.

The annual function currently won't show any goals as this was supposed to be just for one year's use at a time. If you want that functionality, it can be built in no problem.

There is a lot of open-ended functionality to this sales tracking model because instead of tracking by employee, you could do it by product type/segment/division or you could do it by overall revenues. Also, you could report this summary by employee by product segment if it was important to you to see how well each salesmen is doing across all the service they are supposed to be selling.