Small Business Tools: Financial Models, Trackers, and More

Tighten up your small business finances with these trackers, templates, and financial models. Everything is built in Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets. Great for budgeting, tracking payables/receivables, lead tracking, financial forecasting, inventory management, and more.

$179.00 USD

All the templates talked about in this video will be immediately available to download after purchase.

Tighten up your small business with these spreadsheets (Everything is built in MS Excel or Google Sheets):

The purpose of these small business tools is to try and make the life easier for owners and managers. Sometimes the tasks that these things are made to handle end up getting done in someone's head and estimates are made that can sometimes cause major inventory, cash flow and/or supply issues. Some small businesses may even use pen and paper to track the above things and that can get lost or become difficult to make sense of over time.

Note, none of the sheets need any of the other sheets to work. They are all able to be used independently. You may use one to inform another, but they are not directly linked.

Note, the PowerPoint with links / descriptions of each will also be included in that. You need MS Excel to use these.

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