Template for Tracking Inventory at Multiple Locations

This is an Excel template and it is different than the previous inventory management templates I've built in that you are now able to track various equipment / sku's across multiple locations instead of just at one location.

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available to download after purchase. This is included in the Accounting Templates for Excel and Inventory bundle.

inventory tracking

The reporting is fairly dynamic and gives a few different views. The first summary tab shows the top 10 locations that a SKU is located at ranked from highest quantity on-hand to lowest. This will also show a detailed transaction record of everything that has happened to that SKU over time.

The 2nd tab is a summary by SKU that shows the on-hand quantity of a given SKU across all locations and this is able to be filtered.

The most useful tab is inventory by job site, which shows the on-hand quantity of each SKU across all job sites at one time and the total amount of inventory available across all locations per SKU / equipment ID.

There is also a monthly summary that allows you to enter a specific location and see the net movement of all the various inventory items month-to-month.

The data entry to make this work is done with an input card where you define all the relevant specifications of the record you are entering. To move things from one location to the other, you would simply enter a negative amount on the location that is sending the inventory and a positive amount on a second entry that is receiving that item.

You can ship to multiple locations from one location and simply enter the total negative amount once from the sending location and then the positive amounts on all the receiving locations. So to move 100 pieces of inventory from your warehouse to 3 separate locations, you would have to make a total of 4 entries on the input card, just changing the quantity and location fields only and then hitting the button each time.

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