Weekly Employee Scheduling Template

This is a simple template that anyone can use to manage employee schedules. It is based on a weekly time-frame and has a lot of smart summaries to check the schedule that you have submitted.

*You will be sent to the download page after purchase via your PayPal/purchasing e-mail. For the google sheet version, you will open it up and go to File>Make a Copy in order to get your own version in your own g drive (must have a google account). The excel version is downloadable per usual. This is included in the HR Tools in Excel and Google Sheets template bundles.

In general, the flow works as follows:

1. The user enters the start date of the week and the start hour of the workday.
2. The user populates the availability of each employee over a 7-day span.
3. The user populates the schedule with actual start/end times for each employee for that week.

You will then have to summaries. The first is the main summary which will show you how many people you have scheduled for each 30-minute time slot in the day for seven days. It will highlight red if you have any gaps of time with 0 people scheduled.

The second is a summary that looks at what you have scheduled people for and will highlight any employees name in red for each of the days if they have been scheduled for a time frame that is outside of their availability that has been entered.

The main data entry is done through drop-downs but you can also type the direct hour into the cells or start typing the hour and the dropdown will auto-populate with all options that start with that number in google sheets.

I have also included a version of this for Excel, which works in the same way.

You can easily go to print the schedule page off in google sheets or excel (see the first part of the video for details on this).

Screenshots of this Template:
employee schedule 7 day visualization of utilization per 30 minute slots

data entry format for employee scheduling

availability output schedule for employees

employee scheduling visual of conflicting availabilities

employee hourly schedule matrix 7 day