Annual Employee Training Tracker: Built in Google Sheets

 Any HR manager out there will be able to make use of this template. It was made to keep track of training / other annual program completions for up to 499 employees at once. The flow is easy for anyone to follow and there is structuring setup so you can keep your workbooks organized for up to 30 years worth of time if needed. (a single workbook per year with link slots for each year).

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available to access after purchase. This is included in the HR Tools bundle. Note, to use the Google Sheet file you will need a free Gmail account.

employee training tracker

The Excel version requires Office 365 and you may also need to be in the Office Insiders program (free). 

The template starts off with a cover page that lets the user define the year of the tracker and the manager name. 

From there, the next tab is called 'validation' and the user should enter their unique list of employees as well as a unique list of all the training programs / tasks that must be completed for the year. If multiple tasks need to be tracked per employee, that is completely fine and the reports will pick it up. This is also where you can put the Google Sheet links for all years of data that you have.

For best usage, Make a Copy of the original file, put all the employee and training program data in, and then treat that as your primary master template. From that, you can create all the years of data tracking needed by making a copy of the template for the start of each new year. That way you have a fresh blank slate to start from that already has all the dropdown lists filled out.

The next tab is called 'data' and this is where the actual completion or incompletion of various training exercises / tasks are tracked. This is a database style and will use dropdowns based on the list of employees and training tasks that were put on the 'validation' tab. The columns here include:

  • Employee Name
  • Training Plan
  • Completed (yes/no)
  • Date
From that, there are a bunch of automated reports that will populate as new data is filled in. They include:
  • Report - Shows a unique list of employees (sorted alphabetically) and if they have completed each training exercise or not. Conditional formatting shows green for 'yes' and red for 'no'.
  • Report2 - Shows a unique list of employees and the date they completed each training exercise.
  • Incomplete Training - All employees listed as a 'no' for a given training exercise.
  • Completed Training - All employees listed as a 'yes' for a given training exercise.
  • Count Completed - Unique list of employees and the total programs completed / incomplete / pending. Also has a visual.
To prevent data entry errors, there is error checking logic that will help prevent bad entries that are missing a date or completion status.