Human Resources (HR) Planner - Track Potential Shortages or Surplus

If your human resources department needs better planning in relation to future hiring / firing activities and general attrition, this excel template should prove to be a helpful tool. The data input is simple and there are printable visuals / dashboards.

$45.00 USD

The template will be immediately available for download after purchase. This is included in the HR Tools in Excel template bundle. Last Version Update: 11/30/2021

There are currently up to 28 slots for the department count. This can be used for high level tracking of General and Administrative, Sales and Marketing, Research and Development employees or broken down into more granular branches or what have you.

The inputs are pretty simple. User defines:

  • Department
  • Add/Loss event
  • Value
  • Expected date
  • Projection model of headcounts by department
Based on the above, the tool automatically tells the user the headcount by department as of the current date, and the planned headcounts at 30/60/90 days out. Additionally, the template will compare projected headcounts against model headcounts in order to show if the expected hiring/firing activity will result in a value that is greater than or less than the model number. Color coding then automatically shades accordingly.

The user can remove any unnecessary data to start as well as use only a single row or any number of rows depending on how many slots they need for tracking.

The main visual was done to show expected net shortage/surplus as of current/30/60/90 days out. 

Another input that is variable would be the time-frames of the forecast. It doesn't have to be set at 30/60/90. It could be any number the user wants to see with no limit. The current date and relative future dates all automatically update with the today function and the input number of days out.

In general, negative means a shortage and positive means a surplus.

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