Net Worth Tracker - Up to 10 Years

Well here is a nice free tool for personal finance. It is a spreadsheet built in Google Sheets that allows anyone to track their net worth over time. To access, simply go to the sheet and then hit File and Make a Copy.

Access link:

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How to use this tool:

  • Adjust cells in light yellow with blue text only.
  • Define your assets and their value each month (assets are things that have a value if you sell it now or produces cash flow over time).
  • Define your liabilities and their value over time (obligations to pay money)
  • Then, this will show you your net worth over time as well as the percentage your assets and liabilities change over time as well as the net worth change over time.
  • A visualization will also give you a nice look at your financial health and how it has changed over time.
  • This tool will track your net worth for up to 10 years at at time.
Some say the act of measuring and tracking things will improve them in the way you are trying to, or at least help. This just gives you a nice picture of where your finances are and it may reduce anxiety knowing this.

I also included a solvency ratio calculation, which measures the value of your debt compared to the value of your assets. This is a metric that you want to be below 1 as that would mean your liabilities are less than your assets.

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