Adding Excel Versions of Google Sheet Templates with Dynamic Arrays (To-Do List and Employee Training Tracker)

 Hello and hope everyone had a great week. There were a few template updates that happened. This upgrade involved a few of the more popular Google Sheet templates. I had a request to use them in Excel and so I integrated them in. It was a bit of a challenge because Excel does have dynamic arrays, but they are tricky and there are some caveats.

The templates involved were the to-do list tracker and employee training tracker. Both are in Google Sheets and they were built in there for a reason. G sheets has really nice filter functions and that was essential to make this template worth it.

So, that brings us to Excel. In order to use dynamic arrays, you must have Office 365 as well as be in the insiders program. This is murky though because I see some places say you don't need to be in the insiders program and other places say you do. Also, all the info is a few years old (2022 right now). Eventually, the long-term goal is that the dynamic arrays will be available on all Excel platforms for everyone. 

Because of this Excel restriction, I must build some things in G Sheets because it is free there and not everyone has Office 365.

So, I was able to fully integrate both templates into Excel and they are now included in the purchase. The filter function with multiple criteria in Excel was tricky. You have to use a '*' sign to filter multiple criteria where all criteria must be met (and logic) and a '+' sign where any criteria being met will show in the array. The good news is that Excel can do everything that Google Sheets can do IF you are in the insiders program and have Office 365.

Note, I have heard that some people can't join the 'insiders' program for Office if they have a business account and instead you must have a personal account. I'm not sure exactly how/why this is like this, but hopefully they will get their stuff together and get dynamic arrays available to everyone. It is really the only major thing that G sheets has over Excel in my opinion.

Notable Google Sheet Templates: