Preferred Return Investment Fund Tracking Spreadsheet: Up to 30 Members

 These preferred returns are all under the assumption that the LPs are preferred equity structures and the return refers to an IRR. This is a general fund tracking spreadsheet made for investment funds with up to 30 members (expandable) that have varying start and end dates as well as general contribution rates / preferred returns / and hurdles. The template can handle up to a 20 year period for the entire fund and up to 15 years for any single investor. Enjoy one of the most usable and user friendly out-of-the-box trackers I've ever built.

$125.00 USD

This Excel template will be immediately available to download after purchase. It is also included in the joint venture cash flow waterfall bundle.

preferred return fund

LP = Investor / Limited Partner

GP = Sponsor / General Partner / Operator

Trying to keep track of preferred returns due to investors is tricky. This is especially true if each investor has different start/end dates, return rates, hurdles rates, and/or investment amounts. 

High Level Features of this Cash Flow Waterfall Tool:

  • Individual investors tracked for up to 15 years
  • Fund can last up to 20 years
  • Cash flow planner (define when capital is actually deployed, resulting profits, and resulting distributions) The fund cash position will display as a result of:
    • Total Contributions (by LP/GP) less cash deployed plus profits earned less cash distributed.
  • Up to 30 investors (expandable)
  • The compounding period can be chosen as monthly/quarterly/annually
  • Resulting IRR of investors
  • Dashboard summary selector for each investor
  • Consolidated monthly and annual summaries of all investors and GP
Configurations and Features per Investor:
  • Define Preferred Return
  • Define Initial Investment
  • Define Percentage Contribution Rate (if less than 100%, there will be GP contributions)
  • Define up to 2 hurdle rates beyond the preferred return
  • Define how cash is split between the GP/LP up to the preferred return hurdle and thereafter for each subsequent hurdle
  • Define Start/End date
  • Single tab investor view selector to show any one of the investors contributions/distributions on a monthly and annual basis as well as their IRR
As soon as the 'start date' is entered the preferred return will begin to accrue for each LP and any cash distributions will continually be split at the defined distribution rate until the full return is achieved for the LP.

The way the logic decides how much of the distributions goes to each investor, when there is a distribution, is based on a few things. The highest level / priority is the investors investment relative to the other investors who are also active. Then, the second level of logic is how that amount is split between the investor the and general partner based on achieved hurdle rates.

Any distributions that happen before an investors start date or after their end date will not be distributed to that investor.