Position Tracker for Traders: Excel Template

One of the most desired excel templates that any trader or institution can make use of is a way to track positions over time as well as have some kind of universal analysis on these positions. What I have done in this template is given a universally useful way for any kind of trader to track their performance and perform standard deviation analysis on their activity.

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The key in this model is simplicity. It doesn't matter if you are trading options, futures, stocks, currencies, or monitoring the daily profit and loss of a given business/asset. The biggest use case will be when you are testing out new strategies followed by those that want to track their change in equity over time on the entire account.

What you get:

  • Monitor multiple assets and multiple positions within an asset.
  • Monitor your daily change in equity.
  • See visuals on each position per asset.
  • See visuals on the standard deviation of your account so that you can see what kind of $ move has the greatest chance of happening on any given day.
  • Track % gain/loss from initial equity.
  • Dynamically pick the date to which you want to analyze your account equity.
  • See the total number of + and - days in a visual pie chart.
Any trader that really wants to get a clear analysis of their trading activity by position and by overall equity is going to get bountiful use out of this excel sheet. This is also a very efficient way to develop your own management style for managing new strategies that you are testing out.