Spreadsheets Useful for Used Car Dealerships

 A spreadsheet that could be helpful for a used car dealership industry could include the following elements:

  • Vehicle inventory: This sheet should list all vehicles in stock and include their make, model, year, mileage, VIN, purchase date, purchase price, asking price, and any other relevant details. This inventory tracker (built in Google Sheets) for one or multiple locations is a great place to start and it has an added 8 fields that can include whatever data you want about each vehicle. Try this if you want a spreadsheet to track inventory that is in Excel.
  • Sales tracker: This sheet should track the sales of each vehicle, including the sale date, sale price, buyer information, and any associated costs or fees. Note, I've also build a car sales performance tracker that is specific to the industry.
  • Expenses tracker: This sheet should track all expenses related to the business, including rent, utilities, advertising, repairs, and maintenance costs.
  • Profit and loss statement: This sheet should summarize the business's income and expenses for a particular period, such as a month or quarter, and calculate the resulting profit or loss. The template I have linked for this also auto-populates balance sheet and cash flow statement.
  • Customer information: This sheet should keep track of customer contact information, vehicle preferences, and past purchases.
  • Service records: This sheet should track all service and maintenance performed on each vehicle, including the date, service type, and associated costs.
  • Loan calculator: This sheet should help calculate loan payments based on the purchase price, interest rate, and loan term.

You can customize these sheets as per your specific needs, but these elements should cover the basics of what a used car dealership would need to track. You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to create your spreadsheet.

Also, here is a cash flow forecasting spreadsheet for used car dealerships.

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