Update to Financial Cohort Analysis Template for Historical Customer Data

 After a few weeks of this template being live, I realized there were a few more really important data points that I could add to the template. This ended up increasing the usefulness quite a bit for any recurring revenue business that wants to take a hard look at historical customer spending patterns and retention.

Download the full SaaS customer analysis template here.


  • Added a full dashboard with all the key charts and metrics / customer behavior trends.
  • Added customer lifetime value calculation (average per cohort and average of all data)
  • Added chart for monthly churn rate (% and #)
  • Added the average spend per customer per month over their tenure (chart + table)
  • Added a chart for the running active customer count over time.
All of these updates didn't require any extra data entry by the user and they are all automated, meaning as you update the raw data, all the calculations update.