Excel Template for Vacation Budgeting (Budget Buster)

I decided to give this excel model a fun name. It is the budget buster and the main use of this is to make vacation budgeting simple and visual. You can see where all your expenses sit as well as plan based on assigning %'s to each expense category.

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The addition of the pie chart makes things a bit easier for you to see where and how much each area of your vacation is costing. If you want more or less expenses, that can be easily adjusted and if you want to reverse the numbers so that you are inputting $ amounts and the % is auto-calculating based on your set budget, I can adjust that for you no problem.

There has also been some fun features that make this vacation excel template easy to use properly. If all your expenses don't add up to your budget, it will highlight all the %'s in yellow and a text will appear at the bottom telling you that everything doesn't add up.

Also, there is a variance attribute so you can enter the actual amount of money everything ended up costing and get an output of over/under spend within each category (I have also added a new chart that you don't see in this current video for that visual). If you end up blowing the vacation budget, it will give you a fun phrase about spending too much money and if you under-spent, you will get a great compliment text string.